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Where are my students accepted?

My students may wind up going to school just about anywhere!  It’s all about finding the right fit. I always encourage the students who work with me to keep an open mind and “think outside the box.”  The east coast “Ivies” and their west coast counterparts are great, but they aren’t necessarily the best choice for everyone! There are a lot of terrific schools out there. Some are real gems just waiting for you to discover them! Here is a list of schools students I’ve worked with were accepted to during 2013-2015:

American University

Bard College

Beloit College

Chapman University

Colorado State University, Fort Collins

Cornell College (Iowa)

Denver University

Emory University

Harvard University

Kalamazoo College

Kenyon College

Lesley University

Macalester College

Northern Arizona University

Oxford College, Emory University


Portland State University

Princeton University

Quest University (BC)

Simon Fraser University (BC)

Simon's Rock (Massachusetts)

Stanford University

University of Arizona

University of Hartford

University of Oregon

University of Puget Sound

University of Southern Oregon

University of Southern California

University of Victoria (BC)

Western Washington University

Whittier College

Willamette University