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Tailored to fit your needs

You are a consumer and your student’s college education is likely to be one of the major investments you make, comparable to purchasing a house, regardless of how it is ultimately financed. So you want a good return on your investment.  I respect that, and will do my best to guide your student to a college choice that will be both educationally fulfilling and a good financial fit.

I will creatively design individualized college admissions counseling services and packages that can start as early as sophomore year to get the juices flowing or as late as senior year.  Many students feel ready to get started in the beginning of junior year and work with me until the end of senior year.  But you decide.  I will tailor my counseling to meet the needs of your student whenever she or he is ready to start the college search process.

Whenever we start, I’ll give you and your student a battery of questionnaires, personality assessments, and student-parent profiles to complete and consider before we begin our work together. We will also talk about financial resources and eligibility for financial aid. Lest that sound daunting, I promise you there will be an element of lightheartedness in our work together.  I am here to demystify the college application process and take the stress out of it, not add to it!

College search books.jpg



I offer individualized college admissions counseling services and packages that include some combination of the following . . .


Review and evaluation of high school transcript and standardized tests

Monitoring and guidance of the entire college application process, materials, and submission deadlines

Guidance about high school course selection

Review of extra-curricular activities and community service involvement

Mentoring and advocacy on making the most of college visits and interviews

Creating a list of recommended colleges that are in sync with student profile (It’s all about fit!!!)

Discussion and collaboration in preparing the college personal essay

Resume assistance

Finding supportive educational environments for those with specific learning challenges

Path to college for home-schooled students

Guidance for student athletes and those with special talents

Gap year counseling

E-mail and telephone support for students and parents

Decision-making support with college acceptance offers

Discussion on strategies for standardized testing and test optional schools


Sample packages:

Early Start (from sophomore year through end of senior year)

Comprehensive Junior / Senior Year (the most popular package)

Senior Year Marathon (for those coming into the process late, working intensely)

Quick-Start Booster (for students who can manage this on their own with just an initial jump-start)


Contact me to learn more about package options for your student.